Nearly 70% of shoppers polled in a recent study of internet buying trends cited store locators as “very” or “extremely” helpful in making a purchase decision.

Do your customers say: “I love your products but I don’t know where to go to buy them”?

You have spent a lot of time and money developing dealer relationships, setting up and driving traffic to your Website and putting together marketing programs but your customers have trouble finding your stores or they overload your customer service phone banks calling to find your nearest outlet.

Fast Locator software directs your visitors to your closest store, branch or office displaying store hours, products, map direction and date sensitive “Special Events” held at a particular location! Searches are done by zip code or many other searchable fields like city or area code.

Fast Locator software is packed with features to direct your customers into your stores. This overview highlights some of our most important features.

Multiple Search And Search Results Options

Run an Advanced Search

Customers can enter any number of location details including; Postal Code, Name, City, State/Province, Country, Special Events and Location Specialties (Services Brands, Products, etc.). Each location will be displayed from nearest to farthest. The visitor can click on any location to see the Location Detail page.

Run a Quick Search

Customers enter their local zip code in a your search box to find your nearest store. Each location will be displayed from nearest to farthest.

Mapping & Driving Directions

From either the search results page or the location detail page, your customer can click the Map-It icon to view a printable map and driving directions.

View Location Details

After performing either search, your customer can then choose to view more details about a location by clicking it to view the Location Detail page.

Fast Locator Software is Fully Customizable

Fast Locator is fully customizable to match the “look and feel” of your Website. You can upload company logo images and individual location logo images, define page colors, set the display width and define fonts. You can even upload audio messages for each location!
For more advanced customization, we offer very competitive prices for modifications to your Fast Locator deployment. This service is availalbe for hosted accounts or purchased software packages. Examples of customization range from special search parameters and user interfaces to hooking Fast Locator to external databases, automatic synchrnoization or pulling records from multiple databases and presenting them in a custom results page. Visit our Case Studies page for examples of some of our customizations.

Manage Your Fast Locator From Anywhere

Location Manager

The management module used to add and edit individual dealer location records.

All Locations Country or Region Map

If you want to display a map of your locations, you can generate the code to place a map of your locations on your Website.

Custom Fields

Create an unlimited number of custom fields to add products, location types, etc.

Import & Export

Import all of your location data from your dealer database to quickly get up and running. Export this data for easy location review.

Priority Location Handling

You can designate certain locations to show up first on any search.

Location Administrators

Provide credentials for additional administrators to login to manage assigned locations. Use this feature to allow regional managers to make modifications to only their assigned locations or to allow individual location owners to update their information!

Code Generator

Once you setup all of your locations, generate the code to put Xtreme Locator on your Web Pages with our Code Generator. Deployment choices include HTML, iFrame, Frames, Flash, PHP and ASP.NET.

Statistics Reporting

Provides you with real time reporting showing you the the geographical areas your customers are searching for, providing invaluable marketing tools.

Sales Territory Handling

Assign sales territories to your locations using Zip Codes, Range of Zip Codes, States and/or Countries. Territories override distance search to allow for one regional rep to support multiple regions.

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